Some interesting facts about music we bet you did not know


Here is a list of all the fascinating facts that even though are very true needed ratification by research and inquiry. So here is a list of all the ratified scientific facts that have either been proved by categorical research or some sort of survey to its credit.

Music improves quality of sleep:

Did you know that playing soft music in the evening shower and in the bedroom is supposed to increase the quality of the sleep? Light sleepers having problem with falling asleep till the middle of night had been prescribed to sleep with music that is soothing half hour prior to their bedtime.   In the course of a week the people who could hardly sleep a wink in the first few hours of touching the pillow were sleeping soundly within the first half hour itself.

Music can improve meditation:

You want to concentrate or meditate but cannot seem to touch the higher plane? Listen to soft music and in no time you would have transcended into the surreal realms of thought. That is also why yoga and meditation classes have light soothing music playing in the background.


You know what we are going to recommend!

Switch on music with light beats and watch the monotony disappear. While you are lost in the beats, the monotony of the work will bother you less and if you can match your feet with the beats, nothing like it! If you have been generally anxious or are anxious because you have an important task up and coming, don’t worry. Just switch on the music and groove a bit and watch all the anxiety dissipate.

Running and music:

It is not a mere coincidence that runners and marathon walkers use music in their daily routine. It helps them concentrate on the pace of their walk and also pushes them to do their best.  People who listen and are fond of Jazz are extrovert and have high self esteem. The same also holds true for people who are fond of blues and soulful music. People who love and follow the classical genre of music ate introvert with a great sense of self esteem and they are the ones who always belong to this genre even though the other genres can exercise some sort of influence on their taste. People who love dancing as soon as the beats break out are those that are excessively outgoing and assertive by nature.



Rock music fans are supposed to be extremely creative but they may suffer from a low self esteem. Rap and hip hop lovers are very aggressive and outgoing and have highest self esteem of all the people.

Music helps in treating migraine:

People who suffer from migraine or chronic headaches with bouts of pain in the neck and the eye region will get immense relief they use music therapy to their advantage.

Pain killing properties:

Music helps release endorphins in the blood similar to the one that is released when a person exercises strenuously for more than an hour and thus it helps in controlling the pain in the body.

The pain in the soul:

When you are down with some kind of emotional pain, the music that we hear validates our emotional status and that is why when we are emotionally drained we prefer to listen to soulful music.  Research says that listening to songs regularly has many benefits.

It can improve the immune system greatly and can reduce the negative hormones from taking over the body and also significantly improve memory.

Regaining memory :

Music is known to help regain lost memory after any traumatic experience. It is also believed to have set right damaged tissues in the brain. A lot of speculation is rampant and people think that even of music can heal the damaged tissues in the brain it takes a long time for the treatment to actually work and start showing some considerable results.

People who play musical instruments are those that are highly opinionated and those that are open to adventures in life. They are the ones who believe that they can do anything f they set their eyes upon something.  

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